эхо одуванчиков

Their first kiss goes like this: the light of dawn just beginning to break through the blinds and the morning chill ignored in favor of the rich, hot scent of blood. It’s not the most ideal of circumstances as far as Sam’s concerned — not even close in fact — but Cas slips close and replaces Sam’s blood lust with himself as if it were nothing. Cas’s lips touch his forehead, his brow, his cheek before finally slotting somewhat awkwardly against Sam’s. It’s all Sam can do to keep from yanking Cas close, from startling him away with the fierce want that surges in his veins.

Even then, his hand grips Cas’s shoulder hard — as if it would be enough to keep him here, no matter what — and surprised, Cas makes a noise that doesn’t sound entirely upset. Sam apologizes anyway, forcing his fingers to relax, and settles his hand lower on Cas’s arm.

“It’s alright,” Cas tells him somewhat breathlessly and scoots a little closer. He touches Sam’s jaw to tilt his face just so. He leans back in — “It’s fine,” he murmurs — and kisses Sam again.

A second kiss.


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